Katy Perry Poses With Geisha Girls and Giant Robot in Japan: Photos


Katy Perry has been known as “one of the boys,” but on Monday she was one of the girls.

The “Roar” singer tweeted a snapshot of herself dressed in a beautiful Kimono while posing next to three Japanese Geishas while on a promotional tour for her new album Prism in Japan.

“One of these things is not like the other,” Katy captioned the picture, hinting at the fact that she was the only one not dolled up with traditional makeup.

During a press conference the pop star discussed the “self-reflection” that took place between Prism and her 2010 smash album Teenage Dream and revealed the spelling issues she has on Twitter during a Q&A session.

Katy’s spelling mishaps were the least of her worries when she encountered a giant robot on her trip.

She tweeted a pic of herself wrapped in the clutch of a transformer-like creature with the caption, “Cybering!”