Macklemore’s Shoes Take Over His Home in Exclusive Tour: Watch


This isn’t your average MTV Cribs episode with lavish amenities and huge houses … but Macklemore shows off his humble abode complete with thrift shop finds and a whole lot of character.

The rapper and his fiancée, Tricia Davis, invited E! News into their home for an exclusive sneak peek.

The award-winning artist gives a hilarious tour where he introduces the audience to his great grandfather, a statue he calls”Irish Mist,” and his favorite person in the house, “Rebecca,” which is actually a taxidermied animal. He serenades us with his childhood piano and reveals his outrageous shoe collection that appears to be taking over the apartment.

The clip is part of Macklemore’s Big Surprise, which is an E! special that aired on Thursday. The “Can’t Hold Us” artist pulled off a 72-hour home makeover for his fiancée’s mother to thank her for being one of the people that helped him battle his previous addiction problem.

Check out the room where Macklemore is able to “turn off his mind and get naked” and his super messy bedroom in this exclusive video and the preview for his television segment!