Tori Kelly Comes Close to Finding Dream Guy in ‘Dear No One’ Video


YouTube sensation Tori Kelly enjoys being single and independent, but she wouldn’t mind finding Mr. Right in the music video for her love ballad, “Dear No One.”

Taking place on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, the 20-year-old follows a mystery man through the city filled with couples showing major PDA. The Jon Jon Augustavo-directed clip ends when the “Eyelashes” singer finally catches up to the guy on the rooftop, and when he turns around — revealing his model-ready face — he vanishes into the wind.

The lyrical diary for her “future someone,” which is the lead single off her second EP, Foreword, simultaneously captures the perks of being single and being in love, with the inclusion of verses like: “I like being by myself / don’t gotta entertain anybody else / no one to answer to / but sometimes, I just want somebody to hold.”

“It’s a nice little story line that’s saying you don’t always need somebody,” Tori told Teen Vogue.

You can purchase “Dear No One” and Foreword on iTunes by clicking here.