Listen: Justin Bieber Insists He Is a Good Boy in New Song, ‘All Bad’


After struggling through a “Bad Day” last week, Justin Bieber is breaking bad again in his latest #MusicMondays installment, “All Bad.”

Over entrancing drum beats and a spooky piano, Justin sings about his reputation and tells the ladies to ignore the rumors they’ve heard, because he “ain’t all bad.”

“They try to get at me / Behind your back / Tryin’ to tell me that I’m just like the others / But I ain’t all bad.”

The ballad’s title ironically describes how the “Recovery” singer has been feeling lately. He told fans on Twitter that he contracted a bad case of food poisoning in Argentina on Sunday, but still managed to take the stage at his concert.

In addition to #MusicMondays, Justin has also added #FilmFridays to the countdown for his upcoming movie, Believe. On Friday, he released a short clip from the film in preparation for its Christmas Day release date.

Feel better Justin! While he rests, buy his new track – already number 1 on iTunes – here!