Mariah Carey Releases ‘The Art of Letting Go’: Listen


We’ve been hearing so much about Mariah Carey‘s upcoming 14th album, The Art of Letting Go, and on Monday, she finally gave fans a first taste of it.

“This is such a personal record to me,” she wrote on Facebook about the album’s title track. “I wrote the lyrics so that anyone and everyone could relate to them and hopefully release anything that they need to let go of that’s holding them back or bringing them down. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!”

The delicate ballad — produced by Rodney Jerkins — complements the “#Beautiful” singer’s amazing vocals with soft snaps and “oohs” and “aahs.”

The song structure is different than Mariah usually offers, but has similar qualities to her 1990 ballad, “Vision of Love,” which gives “The Art of Letting Go” a nostalgic touch.

In an interview with Mashable, Mariah reveals that a particular lyric from the new track is especially important for fans to pay attention to: “I hope you don’t get no ideas ’bout re-uniting baby / ‘Cause that’s the last thing I truly need / Your destiny is too much to be believed, so / Go to MiMi on your contacts, press delete.”

“I would like to have people apply that to their lives in any way they see fit,” she explained. “And that’s why I wrote it… But to sum it up, it’s about helping someone else get through their moment, while I’m getting through mine as the writer and the performer.”

What do you think of Mariah’s new track? Are you excited to hear the rest of her album?