Lady Gaga Talks ‘ARTPOP’: Sex Dreams, Sleep Issues and Romance


Lady Gaga dished all on ARTPOP to Ryan Seacrest during a special iHeartRadio Album Release Party, which aired on more than 150 Clear Channel stations on Monday night.

For the special interview, which was taped in New York City on Sunday, Mother Monster showed up in an outfit that was shocking even by Gaga standards: a flying metal dress (which she named “Volantis“), which should get her fans pumped for her galactic performance at the 2015 Zero G Colony Music Festival in outer space!

In regards to ARTPOP, Gaga revealed that the new album serves as “a voice for younger generations.” The 27-year old singer added that she wants to expose her fans to “a merging of art, fashion, technology and music” in the hopes of igniting creativity and new perspectives.

Lady Gaga introduced fans to her song “Sexxx Dreams” by telling Ryan about her own. “My sex dreams are crazy,” she explained. “I mean mine are really bizarre.” She also added that “sexy sculptures” tend to make appearances in her dreams… which might explain the sculpture on the album cover? She explained that the song is “something really erotic and exotic” allowing fans to “experience what it’s like to be me.”

Gaga also opened up about the constant “music and voices” playing inside her head. When asked if these sounds impacted her sleeping ability, Gaga replied that she doesn’t sleep well, but that she deals with it by “creating before bed” which puts her to sleep.

Lastly, Ryan asked about her relationship with actor Taylor Kinney. “In this gypsy life that I live, when you’re able to meet someone that, you know, neither of you want to change one another and you’re both on your respective journeys, but then you meet in the desert somewhere and you fall in love… and it’s okay. And what’s wonderful about it is that he’s a creative person and so am I. It’s wonderful.”

Gaga performed five of her new songs at the release party, including “Applause,” “MANiCURE,” “Sexxx Dreams,” “Gypsy,” and “Do What U Want.” She ended her interview by saying “I poured my heart” into ARTPOP — and it’s obvious that’s true.

The CW Network will air The iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Lady Gaga on November 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

ARTPOP can now be downloaded from iTunes.