‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: MJ Tells Lilly ‘Circle Back to Texas!’


Lilly and MJ are at it again on Shahs of Sunset!

After MJ was ousted from Lilly’s birthday blowout in the premiere episode last week, it was clear the tension was on the rise between the two ladies.

And it came to a full-on blowout when the entire group got together for dinner this week. While GG and Reza call themselves a friend to Lilly, no one stood up for the teeny-tiny 30-year-old when MJ deemed the duo her only friends.

After being called “uneducated” and “arrogant” by Lilly when the two started going at it about how MJ didn’t RSVP to her party, MJ tells Lilly she and her dog, Coconut, can “circle back to Texas.”

Although GG, who earlier bonded with Lilly during a shopping trip where Lilly dropped almost $2,000, told her longtime friend: “MJ, I have your back 100%, but you f***** up,” Lilly felt no one had her side.

Even Reza, who went birthday-dress shopping with Lilly, declares himself “Team MJ on this one.”

GG attempts to explain her silence by explaining: “I’m not going to weigh in on this comment because I don’t want to add any fuel to the fire. I’m going to let MJ say whatever she wants…but I am Lilly’s friend.”

The altercation results in Lilly leaving the dinner, while MJ remains surrounded at the table by her “friends.”

“No one says anything, so I guess they are her friends,” a defeated Lilly expresses. “And I don’t belong in this group anyways.”

Only time will tell if the two are able to mend their friendship!

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