Angelina Jolie Is Terrifying in ‘Maleficent’ Movie Trailer: Watch


Just a day after the poster for Maleficent was released, we can now see Angelina Jolie in action as the Sleeping Beauty villain.

In the clip, Princess Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, wanders through a dark forest searching for Maleficent. “You’ve been watching over me my whole life, Aurora calls out. “I know you’re there … Don’t be afraid.”

After the princess insists to see the wicked mistress, Angelina creeps out from the shadows in a black cape and headdress of horns as her chilling voice proclaims, “Then you’ll be afraid.”

The Salt actress beams with malicious beauty from her piercing green eyes to her elaborately-raised cheekbones.

The trailer also shows the film debut of Angelina’s daughter, Vivienne, who portrays the younger Aurora in Maleficent.

The film re-creation of the Disney classic will tell the original tale of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the villainous Maleficent. Her untold stories will ultimately reveal how she became evil and why she terrorized Aurora with a curse.

The dark fairytale — directed by Robert Stromberg — will hit theaters on May 30, 2014.

Do you think the film will live up to the magical standards of the traditional classic?