Avril Lavigne Tells ‘Chelsea Lately’ She Doesn’t Remember Her Wedding


Most people remember the first time they laid eyes on their significant other and their dream wedding, but for Avril Lavigne, the memories are a bit fuzzy.

The punk princess — dressed in a black, form-fitting dress and combat boots — stopped by Chelsea Lately on Tuesday and showed off her “enlarged” wedding ring, which she added more diamonds to, and she gave some vague, but hilarious, details about her three-day wedding in July.

“It was three days long. And I don’t remember much of that. Oops,” Avril said, laughing.

The “Rock N Roll” singer also revealed that she can’t recollect the first time she actually met her husband, Nickelback‘s frontman, Chad Kroeger.

“So I’ve been going around on this press tour talking about how we met in the studio,” she said. “I thought we really met each other then, but then later on we saw that picture online and then I remembered 10 years ago, Much Music Awards in Canada, that we actually met each other.”

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