David Spade Jokes About How Johnny Depp Stole His Look!


David Spade phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his upcoming television special for Comedy Central and how Johnny Depp stole his look.

Before getting down to business, the comedian joked about his latest Instagram, which he captioned: “Typ jonny depp. Stealing my look. #imontoyou. #feathertown. #twinsies. #sameexactcareer.”

“Johnny Depp is parting his hair in the middle,” David laughs. “You know we did look a little the same during that movie Blow he did, where he had like feathered, stupid blonde hair. And now he’s trying to pull a Spade again and I’m on to him. He’s really scrambling and he thinks this is where it’s at, but I can tell him, it’s not. He’s got to keep looking.”

And speaking of looks, when it comes to David’s own, the comedian surely doesn’t look his age. “I’m trying to keep girls away from Google, which is getting to be such a tough process. My motto is: ‘I don’t ask how old you are and you don’t ask how old I am.'”

His dating life motto is just an example of what comedy we can expect from the Saturday Night Live alum when it comes to his upcoming TV special David Spade: Live Comedy Central Special.

“I mumble onstage and look at my watch,” David jokes about what to expect. “No, I’m really good. I just did Denver … we did a club over there called Comedy Works to practice … I always did stand up, I did it to get on Saturday Night Live … I did it during … and I sort of  went back during these sitcoms … but I have some new stuff. I did [a special] like 10 years ago, I just want to do another one … so I’m just going to go there and do my best. I think it’s sort of funny still.”

David goes on to offer a taste of his material reflects “some dating stuff,” like, “I talk about when I go out with girls and they voluntarily go, ‘I’ve never dated really good looking guys.’ And I go, ‘Oh okay.’ I’m like, ‘Is there a compliment in there? Because I don’t see it off the back.'”

For more laughs, click here to get tickets to catch the taping on December 5 of the David Spade: Live Comedy Central Special, which goes down at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.