Tyler Ward Performs Acoustic Version of ‘Dashes’: Video


It’s Tyler Ward Wednesday, and the 25-year-old is continuing his weeklong reign at RyanSeacrest.com by spoiling fans with an acoustic version of his original song, “Dashes.”

In the clip, Tyler performs a slow, mesmerizing acoustic rendition of the farewell love song as he soulfully sings, “So let me go / give me dashes on the road / maybe I’m walking to a place I don’t know / … / even if I go alone / the least you can give me are dashes on the road.”

Like what you hear? You can find “Dashes” on his EP, Hello. Love. Heartbreak., which you can purchase on iTunes by clicking here.

Make sure to visit RyanSeacrest.com tomorrow for the final video in which we will be interviewing Tyler!