Tyler Ward Dishes on Love at First Sight & Bad Kisses: Watch


Tyler Ward‘s weeklong reign at RyanSeacrest.com has come to an end.

As our featured artist of the week, Tyler has been sharing exclusive content with us, including an acoustic medley of “Latin Percussion” — which he mixed with Macklemore, Taylor Swift, and Gwen Stafani — and the YouTube sensation also stripped down The Script‘s hit song, “Breakeven,” and his own original track, “Dashes.”

Before he makes his grand exit, the 25-year-old is putting his guitar down for a Q&A session where he dishes about his worst first date.

“The only thing that came to my head was when I first tried to kiss a girl and she turned and I kissed the back of her hair,” Tyler tells us.

The Colorado native also reveals his musical influence, his most rewarding collaboration, the music on his iPod, and more.

Although Tyler’s takeover has reached the end, you can take him everywhere you go by purchasing his new album, Honestly, on iTunes by clicking here.

You can also connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.