Danielle Jonas Filled Kevin’s Drawer With Diapers to Reveal Pregnancy


Fans found out about Danielle Jonas‘ pregnancy on social media, but how did she break the news to Kevin?

The Married to Jonas star told Fit Pregnancy that she wanted to knock her husbands socks off — literally — with her exciting pregnancy news in an interview for their December/January issue.

Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy

“First, I took like 12 tests to confirm it. Then I took all the socks out of his drawer and filled it with diapers and a bib that said, ‘I love Daddy,” she revealed. “I also put all the tests in there and a sign that said, ‘I’ll meet you in nine months.’ Then I put his socks downstairs in a basket.”

Danielle hoped to surprise Kevin when he got home, but his hungry stomach put the revelation on hold. “When he got home, I was like, ‘Kevin, can you go put your socks upstairs?’ And he said, ‘Can I just eat first?'” she said. “I was like, ‘Really?”

When the dad-to-be finally opened his sock drawer he was overly ecstatic! “I was in shock. I was just like, ‘Oh my God, it’s happening!'” he exclaimed. “‘My life’s about to change completely!'”

In preparation for the February arrival of their baby girl, the couple is currently building a new dream home, complete with a whimsical nursery and Snow White-inspired birdcage crib.

Kevin explains that his family is excited to finally welcome another girl to their side and that he intends on spoiling his daughter — something that he never experienced as a child. “It’s not what I had growing up,” he shared. “I grew up on food stamps.”

Danielle said that they also want to keep their first child grounded and encourage her to earn things. “We’ve worked really hard and we’ve been blessed, but I want our daughter to know about giving back too,” Kevin added.

Kevin and Danielle are such a sweet couple! We are as eager as they are to meet their bundle of joy!