Rihanna Has Mental Breakdown in ‘What Now’ Music Video


After heavily teasing the music video for “What Now” with a behind-the-scenes featurette and Instagram photos, Rihanna officially dropped the mind-bending clip on Friday, and she is portraying her darkest role yet — a tortured soul.

The video, directed by Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven, and Darren Craig and shot in under 24 hours in Thailand, opens with a stack of antique televisions, tuning in on a black-and-white shot of a demented Rih standing motionless in what appears to be a psych ward. Eerily transitioning with television static, the gothic-themed video features a rapid succession of sinister dancing as the “Pour It Up” singer screams, thrashes, and contorts her body in an exorcism-like manner.

As the pop ballad crescendos, the video integrates black-and-white snippets of random footage, which includes a burning building, a cross, and lions mauling each other — creating the same vibe as the cursed video tape from the classic horror film, The Ring.

“Everybody’s probably expecting narrative type of video, a love story of some sorts or something really soft and pretty. It is pretty and kind of soft, but it’s really a little demented,” she told MTV.

“What Now” is the sixth single off Rihanna’s album, Unapologetic, which is available on iTunes.

What did you think of the creepy music video?