Vince Vaughn Talks His Latest Role in ‘Delivery Man’


Vince Vaughn is trading in his usual funnyman role for a more serious one in Delivery Man, in which he finds out he’s the biological father to 533 children after he donated to a sperm bank 20 years earlier.

The actor phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest and explained that he wanted to do the film because of its ability to be both funny and touching.

“The movie is really very funny, but it’s also very dramatic and touching,” Vince shares. “There’s a lot of tension in it. And it’s very rare you have under one film the ability to go back and forth and so it really makes it kind of a roller coaster ride. The movie is ultimately, I think, sort of kind of your hopes and fears as a parent. But, it’s also really a movie as a young person when you’re at the age of starting to enter your adult life and you can feel so alone in an experience.”

As for if the actor took on this role because he’s now a father to two of his own kids, he says it wasn’t so much that experience, but the chance to be able to do a different type of film.

“The thing about the movie is that the tone of the movie is so smart and fun that it’s really grounded. It’s just a great story and it’s nice to be in something that’s very funny … but also kind of dramatic and way more tense … I would’ve loved to do this material whenever, but being a new father and having these things happening … I think opens you up to those emotions a lot more so.”

And despite thinking finding out your the father to 533 kids could only happen in the movies, Vince is revealing it’s actually somewhat possible.

“It’s crazy because it is a contemporary thing where now since the movie has come out you’re hearing stories it’s actually happening. There have been these cases that people did have had their sample overused.”

Catch Vince in Delivery Man out in theaters Friday, November 22.