Why Did Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair?


Jennifer Lawrence surprised everyone recently when she debuted a new look.

The Hunger Games actress chopped off her long locks for a short pixie cut and apparently the decision wasn’t entirely hers.

In fact, it was due to her The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence.

After insisting Jennifer keep dying her hair dark instead of donning a wig in the second installment of the franchise, the 23-year-old’s hair was so damage and fried, she had no other option other than to chop it all off!

Although the makeover may not have been intended, we must admit, Jennifer looks good!

She, along with her cast mates of the hit movie, will be stunning on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of Catching Fire tonight.

And we’ll have all the behind the scenes deets. In fact, Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland will be covering the carpet for us so stay tuned!