Arsenio Hall Talks Getting Eddie Murphy Drunk!


Former Coming to America co-stars are reunited once again on the Arsenio Hall Show!

Arsenio Hall is bringing back his good friend Eddie Murphy on Tuesday night’s episode of his revamped show.

Eddie’s appearance marks the first time the actor has been back on Hall’s show since he made six appearances during the show’s first run back in 1989-1994.

And the duo have had quite the times throughout the years!

“I think my favorite experience of me and Eddie hanging out is the night I got him to try an alcoholic beverage because Eddie is not a drinker, he never has been,” Arsenio tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “But one night after a horrible experience on the set of Coming to America I told Eddie, ‘What you need is to have a drink.’ And I made him an orange juice and vodka … and it was the funniest night I have ever experienced. You see somebody for the first time under the influence and then we went out to a club, it was crazy!”

For more good times, tune in to the Arsenio Hall Show tonight to catch Eddie and Arsenio once again. Click here to check your local listings!