‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: GG and MJ Have It Out!


Last week on Shahs of Sunset, MJ and Lilly had a verbal war when Lilly banned her nemesis from her 30th birthday party.

This week, MJ is focusing her ire on someone else: GG! While at a club, out of nowhere MJ decided to tell GG’s boyfriend that GG had made out with another guy at Lilly’s party … and needless to say, it didn’t go over well.

“I’ve been MJ’s best friend … and this is my pay back?” asks GG. (And she has a point!)

Although GG may be over MJ, she does have an ally in Reza. The two fought bitterly during the Season 2 reunion special, but now, “It’s all about Team MJ,” says Reza. “I’ve got my pom-poms ready, b***h. I’m going to be your cheerleader.”

When GG comes over to MJ’s home to confront her about what she said, MJ’s only defense is: “I thought it was f**ked up and funny at the same time. Is it my fault you decided you can’t go one night without attention from a man?”

Meanwhile, Asa is dealing with issues with the production of her diamond water. She heads to the plant where it’s being bottled to perform a ritual and burn sage to help make things right.

But nothing could help fix things between GG and MJ. At a party to celebrate Mike‘s brother’s graduation from dental school, the two friends have it out!<

It all gets off on the wrong foot when MJ greets Leila, GG’s sister, as “the skinnier, taller sister,” right in front of GG. When the ladies try to hash things out civilly, of course, it doesn’t go so well. GG brings up MJ telling her boyfriend about her indiscretion and MJ makes no apologies.

Luckily, Leila steps in and takes GG away before things get really ugly … but in a preview for next week’s episode, GG and MJ go at it once again!

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