Baron Davis’ Fashion Trends Every Guy Needs to Follow to Get Girls


NBA superstar Baron Davis is lending his fashion expertise as host of the new Esquire Network show How I Rock It, a series profiling the athletes, musicians, celebrities, designers, and street-style icons who are influencing today’s modern man’s style.

The half-hour episodes are set to “take a closer look at what fuels a generation of influencers at the forefront of a men’s style revolution …[like] the man behind Nike Air Jordans to [even a] John Varvatos hosted rock concert.”

And when it comes to impressing others, especially girls, we’re certain everyone will be able to pick up a tip or two.

Until then, Davis is letting you in on a few of his own, personal style secrets. And considering he’s established himself as a man of influence both on and off the basketball court, we suggest you grab a pen and take note!


Baron Davis’ Fashion Trends Every Guy Needs To Follow To Get The Girl:

1. “Definitely tucking your shirt in always works for the ladies. My grandmother always told me, ‘Boy, you better look presentable every time you come out of the house and tuck your shirt in.’ And I would never tuck my shirt in because my butt was so big, but I think when you’re meeting a girl, every guy should tuck their shirt in.”

2. “Don’t be afraid to mix colors and play with colors. A lot of times a lot of guys wear all black or black and grey and I think that sprinkling color in shows a little bit of your personality and it makes you more presentable and accepting.”

3. “Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Your style is your personality, it’s your make up so be true to yourself and have confidence in that truth.”

4. “Be a gentleman. That will always win you over. Practice gentleman etiquette and make sure a lady is repected and that’s in the way you present yourself and all the little things.”

Another tip Baron has for all the men out there, own a good blazer!

Now, go get em’ boys!

Check out the trailer below and tune in to the premiere of How I Rock It on Wednesday night on the Esquire Network at 10 p.m.