Funny Video Shows What It’d Be Like If ‘Harry Potter’ Was Real Kid


Have you ever wondered what the magical world of Harry Potter would be like without the magic?

In a viral video posted this week, YouTube parody extraordinaire Improv Everywhere cast an 11-year-old actor as The Boy Who Lived and sent him on a not-so-magical journey to find the Hogwarts Express at Penn Station in New York City.

Dressed in Harry’s famous Mugglewear and iconic glasses, the actor pushes his cart — which includes vintage leather luggage and Harry’s caged owl, Hedwig — and asks strangers and transit employees how to find “Platform 9 3/4” to the wizarding world … and the reactions are priceless.

Improv Everywhere is a YouTube channel created by Charlie Todd, which chronicles real-life social reactions by spearheading pranks and parodying movie classics like Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and more.

What did you think of the Muggle’s reactions?