Masha Strips Down Imagine Dragons ‘Demon’


Rising artist Masha is giving Imagine Dragons hit single, “Demons,” an acoustic treatment, and has the exclusive premiere.

In the simple black-and-white video, the New York-based singer transforms the track into a soulful ballad by replacing the studio version’s heavy rock beats with the soft, resonating sound of a piano — showcasing her powerful vocals and truly capturing the powerful meaning behind the cryptic lyrics.

Not only has Masha covered other artists such as Rihanna, Adele, Ed Sheeran, and The Wanted, the YouTuber has generated over 2 million views by incorporating her rock soul and country vocals in her original tracks — which are featured in her EP, Stupid, Stupid Dreams, available on iTunes.

For more information on the up-and-coming songstress, you can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.