Kristen Wiig Was Nervous to Take on Role in ‘Secret Life of Walter Mitty’


Kristen Wiig is leaving her Bridesmaids role behind and has joined Ben Stiller in the upcoming feel-good adventure The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and the usual confident actress admits she was nervous to take on the role.

Starring as Ben’s love interest, and being one of the first dramatic roles Kristen’s tackled, she revealed to USA Today: “I’ve done a few dramatic things this year and I’m excited for them to come out … [But] I’m nervous. Because it’s something that I’ve never done before. You do have that little bit of anxiety about it.”

Considering Ben, who also directed the film which is based off James Thurber’s short story of the same title, was along to help, we can only imagine she got over those nerves pretty quickly.

Not to mention, we hear the flick also has many comedic moments as well.

Check out the trailer below:

Catch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty out in theaters on December 25