Ke$ha Line Dances, Pitbull Swims in Bahamas in ‘Timber’ Video


After performing their song, “Timber,” live at the American Music Awards on Sunday, Pitbull and Ke$ha followed up their high-energy performance by dropping the official music video for the harmonica-infused track.

Pitbull, who hosted the AMAs last night, took to Facebook to premiere the clip, which features a scantily-dressed Ke$ha line dancing with a clad of cowgirls inside a Western saloon.

Mr. Worldwide on the other hand, maintains his suave image as he dappers up in a sleek suit and dives into the clear waters in the Bahamas with a beautiful model.

The country-pop song will be on his just-released album, Global Warming: Meltdown, which you can purchase on iTunes by clicking here.

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