‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Reza, MJ, and GG Go Camping


The Shahs are not on Sunset anymore!

On Tuesday’s episode of Shahs of Sunset, part of the feuding cast — GG, MJ, and Reza — go camping (yes, camping) to help them get over their issues and squash their beef.

GG gets there first with her family first and starts to set up their tents. Naturally, MJ and Reza are very late. On their long drive there, the two banter about, what else, tape worms.

But before they get there, Mike attempts to amp up his real estate partnership with Reza by paying $35,000 for their business to be advertised on a bus. “Why put my face on a bus bench when I can be on the bus?” he asks, laughing.

During a heart-to-heart with his mother about his career path (he quit law school, much to her disappointment), he surprises her when the bus pulls up with her son’s gleaming smile plastered on the side of it. “I love it!” she tells her son and gives him a hug and kiss.

When MJ and Reza finally make it to the camp ground, she thinks he’s just joking since he told her he was taking her to a spa. It gets even worse for her when she sees who is already there. “Is that Golnesa? No, no, no, no…” she tells Reza as she backs up and starts running to their car. MJ’s presence is also a surprise to GG, yet she still greets her with a hug and kiss.

The two frenemies get to put their relationship to the test once GG falls into the water during a rafting expedition and MJ has to pull her back into their boat … except there’s just one problem: Reza pushes her in too. But once the two get back into the boat, they team up and shove Reza over the side! “I like this side of you,” GG tells MJ.

But back in Los Angeles, trouble is still brewing for Lilly and Asa. The two meet for lunch, and Lilly tells Asa that she has stayed away from the group because she was still “traumatized” by what happened when they got together for dinner and she and MJ got into a big argument.

When Lilly tells her side of things, Asa just rolls her eyes, which leads to even more negativity between the two. “I don’t need to have fake friendships,” Lilly tells her. “I don’t think a friend should stay silent when one person in the argument says, ‘No one at this table is your friend,'” to which Asa did half-heartedly apologize for her silence.

Back in nature, MJ is equally suffering when she loses a nail while rafting. It gets worse when GG brings up the fact that MJ told GG’s boyfriend that she had cheated on him at Lilly’s birthday party. “Are you genuinely sorry?” asks GG. “No, I’m not,” replies MJ as they head down some wild waves.

Later at the campfire, everyone makes s’mores … but it’s not so sweet between GG and MJ. The topic of MJ telling on her infidelity comes up again, and this time, GG’s dad gets involved to keep the peace. “I’m sorry, not sorry,” MJ says finally. “I’m sorry for causing anything inconvenient. I’m sorry for causing any trouble … I’m sorry for all those things, but I didn’t do anything wrong.”

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