‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Reza Blows up at His New Neighbor


There’s enough fighting between the stars of The Shahs of Sunset and on Tuesday’s episode, Reza turns his ire towards someone outside of the group.

It all began when his boyfriend Adam invited one of their new neighbors, Sasha, who also happens to be Persian and gay, over for margaritas. Soon enough, friendly conversation turned into rude comments when Sasha — who told Adam his older brother way gay, only to take it back — made a snide remark that Reza was “ignorant” about his Muslim family.

Reza then scolds Sasha for the way he dresses. “The way I was brought up, you don’t swish around West Hollywood in Daisy Dukes and slinky tank tops,” he says. “That is not how a dignified Persian man acts.”

It only gets worse when Reza refers to Sasha as “fresh off the boat,” to which he responds that Reza is “fat” … so Reza tells him to get out of his house immediately. But Sasha doesn’t leave and keeps talking to Adam, which of course infuriates Reza even more and he makes Adam throw him out.

But of course that’s not the last of Sasha. During a night out at a gay Middle Eastern club, Reza was already agitated (the waiter took forever and when he did bring his drink, it was flat) when his nemesis arrived. Sasha then came over and joined the group — and MJ immediately called him out for his bad behavior at Reza’s house.

As things heated up, Sasha’s brother came over to make sure everything was ok when Reza commented that he too was gay … and Sasha exploded. “Don’t talk to my brother like that! He doesn’t want to say it! … Shame on you!”

Not only was Sasha upset, but Mike also jumps in and tells Reza to knock it off. Instead, he walks out of the club with MJ. Mike stays and talks to Sasha and his brother and ends up feeling very badly about how Reza treated them.

And in a preview for next week’s episode, Sasha is still in the picture … so tune in next Tuesday at 10 p.m. on Bravo for even more drama!