‘How I Rock It’ Preview: Marcus Samuelsson and Magnus Walker


After taking on everything from vintage motorcycles, cocktails, and hand-painted low-riders, this week How I Rock It is focusing on good food, custom Porsches … and magic?

On Wednesday’s episode, the Baron Davis-hosted program is highlighting an eclectic group of men, including designer John Varvatos, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, custom Porsche restorer Magnus Walker, and magician Rob Zabrecky.

Samuelsson, a fixture on the Food Network, shows off his Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster, and explains the history behind its name and location. “When I did all this research for the restaurant and started to read about the Harlem Renaissance, I found this bar on 138th [Street] and Seventh Avenue and the stories in there were just incredible.”

Classic car lovers will also appreciate a peek at Walker’s prized collection, which includes 15 Porsches, some dating back to the 1960s.

Catch How I Rock It on the Esquire Network every Wednesday at 10/9c.