Carrie Underwood Takes On Maria in ‘The Sound of Music Live!’


Carrie Underwood is helping get us into the holiday spirit with the highly anticipated NBC special The Sound of Music Live!

The former American Idol songstress is taking on the role of Maria in the TV remake and we couldn’t be more excited.

But when it comes to performing a live show, especially a classic like The Sound of Music, we could only imagine how difficult memorizing lines must be—along with dancing and singing at the same time.

Stephen Moyer, who stars alongside Underwood, revealed however Carrie was quite the natural when it came to her first acting gig.

The actor shares Carrie memorized all her dialogue by their first rehearsal and even decided to take on the role to challenge herself.

We’d like to picture Maria forever as Carrie Underwood so we’re sure she dominates the role.

Catch The Sound of Music Live! tonight on NBC at 8/7c.