Niall Horan Sets Record Straight About Dinner With Katy Perry


Has Niall Horan finally landed his crush Katy Perry?

Not so fast!

The One Direction member, who jokingly proposed to the “Roar” songstress awhile back, was rumored  to be dining with Katy at New York City’s Soho House on Wednesday night, which generated a whirlwind of rumors.

But On Air with Ryan Seacrest has learned, John Mayer has nothing to worry about and that Katy and Niall are just friends.

In fact, Niall tells Ellen K. himself that he and Katy didn’t even have dinner or make plans to see one another, it was all just a coincidence!

“I was in there and I think she was doing an interview or something and she was there and I was leaving and she left and we didn’t have dinner or anything together,” he explains. “I just said, ‘Hello’ to her.”

However, the singer admits, “who doesn’t have a crush on Katy Perry [though]?”