Jimmy Kimmel Grills Kids for ‘Lie Detective: Naughty or Nice’


Santa might be making a list and checking it twice … but Jimmy Kimmel is the one finding out who has been naughty or nice.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, the comic hooked up two brothers, Fletcher and Sammy, to a fake lie-detector test to determine if they had been honest about their behavior on the first of many editions of Lie Detective: Naughty or Nice.

Fletcher, 6, was up first and when asked if he had done anything naughty, he replied, “I think I forgot,” which Detective Jimmy determined to be a “lie.” He then admitted that he and his little brother tackle each other.

Jimmy then brought in Sammy, who revealed he tells his brother “sorry” when he hurts him, but when Jimmy asked if he was truly apologetic, that was also a non-truth.

The two brothers are then interrogated together about biting each other, but in the end Jimmy gets them to give each other a kiss.