‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Reza Faces Consequences of Nightclub Fight


Last Tuesday’s Shahs of Sunset episode was so intense — Reza called his new Persian neighbor a gay slur — fan just couldn’t wait another week to see the fallout from all the drama, so Bravo aired the next episode on Sunday night.

Mike is still reeling from what his good friend said at the club, especially with the gay pride parade the next day. All of the Shahs, Reza included, had planned to appear on the gay club’s float, so he gives Reza a call. “I don’t think it’s a good idea that you come tomorrow,” Mike tells him. At that, Reza gets extremely upset, exclaims, “I am disgusted,” and hangs up.

Mike then meets with MJ to express his displeasure with the way she also treated Sasha, Reza’s neighbor. At first she reacts in a manner much like Reza, but she eventually understands the hurt that was caused and agrees to also not go to the gay pride parade.

When Mike, his girlfriend Jessica, Asa, and GG arrive at the parade, they head straight for the only gold float, knowing that it must be the one for Persians (they were right). Asa and GG — who were not at the club when Reza and Sasha got into it — tell Mike they wish Reza was on the float with them because it didn’t “feel right” without him, although they trusted Mike’s judgment.

As the float makes its way down Santa Monica Boulevard, they pick up a hitchhiker … Lilly. “I think today is a great day to squash the beef we have with Lilly and just mend our friendship,” says Mike.

Coincidentally, when the group hop off the float to grab a bite to eat, who else walks up, but Sasha. When he starts to explain to GG and Asa what happened with Reza, Mike jumps in to stop him because Reza wasn’t there to defend himself.

Asa, knowing that Reza’s behavior that night was out of character, invites him over to her house to talk and get to the bottom of his feelings. “Everything about him bothers me,” he explains of Sasha. “As soon a I heard his voice, it triggered this old pain inside of me … I took out 39 years worth of pain on him right then and there … I need to get my head straight. I need to apologize.”

In the preview for this Tuesday’s episode, Reza seeks therapy for his feelings, so he’s definitely making progress.

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