Britney Spears Is the Other Woman in Gritty ‘Perfume’ Video


Britney Spears has made a video for “Perfume” that is as epic as the power ballad.

The Joseph Kahn-directed clip, which premiered on Tuesday, begins with the singer and her guy (played by Alexander Kjellevik) having fun together swimming at night, lounging in a bed with no sheets, and goofing around atop a rundown motel’s roof.

But when Brit’s in the restroom spritzing herself with perfume, she sees a text on his phone from a woman named Cindy that says, “Thinking of you.”

At that point, the video turns around and all the scenes that had previously starred Britney, now have Cindy in her place. As it’s all happening, Brit appears extremely distressed as she emotionally sings “Perfume” while driving and later sitting in a dark room. So was she ever really with the guy or was it all in her mind?

When the video ends, her former love is still with Cindy … and Britney is alone.

What do you think of “Perfume”?