The 8 Most Outrageous Onstage Moments of 2013: Videos


Put a celebrity onstage, give them an audience and a microphone, shine some bright lights … and you’re destined to create some seriously outrageous moments!

This year, we saw everything in Hollywood from tripping to twerking. We’re ringing in the new year by looking back at 2013’s “Most Outrageous Onstage Moments.”

1. Miley Cyrus Performs with Robin Thicke at MTV’s Video Music Awards

On August 25, the public’s perception of Miley Cyrus changed forever! If dancing provocatively to her hit song, “We Can’t Stop,” wasn’t enough, Robin Thicke joined in on her dance party to duet on “Blurred Lines.” (And quite frankly, giving “Blurred Lines” a whole new meaning…) For their performance, Miley stripped down to nude, patent-leather spandex, with pigtails and her iconic foam finger. She “twerked” it out, shocking her international audience with sexual innuendos and suggestive dance moves.


2. Jennifer Lawrence Trips Onstage After Winning Oscar for “Best Actress”

There’s always a silver lining, even after a slight “mishap” at this year’s Academy Awards

Dressed in an elegant Dior Couture gown, the always-charismatic J.Law took a major fall as she walked onstage to accept her Oscar for “Best Actress” in Silver Linings Playbook. On the bright side, the incident only made us love her more, seeing as she waived it off casually by laughing at herself and referencing the accident in her acceptance speech.


3. Lady Gaga Cries through “Dope” at YouTube Music Awards

Gaga tugged at our heartstrings during her performance at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards on November 3. She began her performance by quietly saying, “This is for my fans. This is for my lover, I love you too. This is for anybody who has that pain inside and they don’t know why.” As the tearful performance went on, Gaga became more and more emotional — causing some fans to scream out, “We love you Gaga!” from the crowd.


4. *NSYNC Reunites at MTV’s Video Music Awards

While their performance was short and sweet, it was perfect — in every way, shape and form! The boys-turned-men of *NSYNC performed a medley of some of their greatest hits, including “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye Bye” beforeJustin Timberlake launched into his solo performance.


5. Taylor Swift Jabs Ex-Boyfriend Onstage — Is it Harry Styles?

The blonde bombshell fired back at one of her ex-boyfriends — most likely, Harry Styles — during her  acceptance speech for “Best Female Video of the Year.” The VMA was awarded on behalf of Taylor’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video, which was apparently inspired by Harry himself. Awkwardly, the MTV cameras zoomed toward One Direction after Taylor’s spunky comment, showing a giggling boy band and a overly-reserved Harry.

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6. Beyonce‘s “Electric” Halftime Performance WINS the Super Bowl

Beyonce’s halftime performance was so electrifying, it actually “shut down” the Super Bowl … for a brief period of time. Following her mini-concert that featured her former Destiny’s Child bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, the Superdome had a 34-minute power outage.


7. Justin Bieber Walks Off-Stage After “Water Bottle” Incident

During his “Boyfriend” performance in Brazil in November, an unruly fan threw a water bottle onstage, hitting Justin’s arm and knocking his microphone out of his hand. Instead of picking up the microphone, Justin exited the stage, never returning to officially close the show. Luckily, Justin was able to look past the fan’s mistake, tweeting to his fans later that night: “We had a good time tonight. Brazil goes hard.”


8. Fan Throws Shoe at Harry Styles, Causing Him to Fall Over

Back in February, the boys of One Direction took the stage in Glasgow, Scotland. Between songs, the boys interacted with audience members, messing around as 1D is known to do. All of the sudden, a fan threw a shoe onstage, prompting Harry Styles to pick it up. When he picked it up, a fan threw another shoe onstage, hitting Harry “where it hurts.” Naturally, Harry fell over in pain. The other boys played it off calmly, maintaining the attention of the audience. Meanwhile, Harry picked himself up and pretended to “stretch it out” — making audience members cheer and applaud him on behalf of his quick recovery.