‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Reza Seeks Therapy For Issues With Sasha


On Sunday night’s special of The Shahs of Sunset, Reza admitted he had been wrong when he went off on his new neighbor, Sasha, for being too flamboyant. And on Tuesday’s episode, he decided to seek therapy for his deep-rooted issues with bring gay and Persian.

He comes to that resolution after he talks about Sasha with his boyfriend Adam, who tells him he should apologize, which Reza does agree with somewhat.

Regardless of Reza’s issues with Sasha, GG has certainly forged a friendship with him. The two meet for lunch and Sasha thanks her for being nice to him, unlike Reza and MJ. Of course, which makes them bond since GG also has issues with MJ. She even brings Sasha to the birthday party Lilly throws for her dog, Coconut.

When Reza gets to his therapist’s office, he explains that he picked the particular doctor because he specializes in “gay rage” issues. After he tells the back story of what happened with Sasha, Dr. Downs tries to make him understand what Sasha may have gone through as a child, which inspires Reza to have compassion for him.

As Reza opened up, his eyes welled up and he started to cry. “Maybe I can talks to [Sasha] and at least understand some of the things some of the things that he’s gone through in life,” he says. “I mean, definitely I should apologize to him … thank you, doctor, this was very empowering and I have a lot of work to do when I get home.”

Although Reza is fixing his issues with Sasha, the beef between MJ and GG is only getting worse. The two frenemies have it out — after they both drank quite a bit, no less — but in the end, MJ apologizes for telling GG’s boyfriend Sean that she had cheated on him. Still, MJ tells GG, “Our friendship is over!” and then she storms out.

At least, there is one positive thing … in a preview for next week, Reza and Sasha sit down for a heart-to-heart and it seems to be civil.

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