Lea Michele Gets Emotional on ‘Ellen,’ Performs ‘Cannonball’


Lea Michele was absolutely inspiring on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

She began the interview, reflecting upon 2013 and hinting at the unfortunate experience of losing her boyfriend and Glee co-star, Cory Monteithin July. “It’s certainly been, you know, a pretty rough year, but I’ve been surrounded by such great people and such great family,” Lea told Ellen.

She remained positive throughout the entire interview, despite Cory’s recent passing. She shared her grieving experience, saying that she had a lot of help from her parents — especially from her mother, Edith Sarfati, who “has experienced a lot of loss in her life.” Lea also revealed Kate Hudson, who has guest-starred on Glee, offered her home to Lea and her family, as they were grieving Cory’s death. Lea added that she was “so thankful” for Kate’s friendship during that emotional time.

Ellen shed some some helpful advice, saying that someone once told her: “When your heart is broken, when there are cracks in your heart — it lets the light in, it lets the sun in.”

The most touching part of the interview occurred when Ellen reminded Lea the last time Cory appeared on her show, he had revealed that he was, in fact, in a relationship with his co-star. Lea wiped a tear from her eye when this was mentioned, saying that Cory’s interview with Ellen “was one of [her] favorite memories.”

Toward the end of Lea’s interview, Lea performed onstage, singing a new track (“Cannonball”) from her upcoming album, Louder.

Check out her stunning performance: