‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger Offers Holiday Dating Advice


Dating guru and star of the hit Bravo show Millionaire MatchmakerPatti Stanger, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to offer her holiday dating advice and more.

So get out your notepads, because Patti is here to share!

If You’re Single, Who Do You Bring to Your Holiday Party?
“I think if you’re looking to find love, don’t bring anyone,” Patti explains. “Because this is the time when men are really serious about finding love, they don’t want to be alone on New Year’s Eve. It’s Valentine’s Day that’s more serious for women. So now is like the time they expect it. And they know if they go hunting for love, they’ll secure the deal faster. So I say go out by yourself … But, if you’re really nervous and it’s a business cocktail party and everyone is going to be partnered up, then you’re going to need to bring a friend.”

How Important Are Red Flags? Are They Always True?
“They’re always true. They’re always important.” Patti stresses. “If he starts talking about, ‘My wife left me cause I cheated’ — get out. I see this all the time, women ignore the signals because the guy is hot.”

Patti adds: “There’s not so many men out there for the women. There are more women in the country than there are men. And especially if you have chemistry, which is the hardest thing to find. Chemistry is what drives the bus. If you don’t have chemistry, you have nothing.”

Where Does Chemistry Come From?
“I don’t think it’s in the brain so much for the men, I think the penis does the picking,” Patti laughs. “But women, it’s in the brain because women have illusions about love, they watch movies and see Cinderella. Men are very animalistic. It’s very prehistoric the way they fall in love. They see the prototype and it’s like one and done.”

Having Been Doing the Show For Seven Years, Has Their Been a Shift in the Advice You Give?
“Social networking has changed it all. We have to accept texting as a way of communicating, there’s no way you’re going to get around it because men are so lazy. They don’t get that women fall in love between their ears. If they don’t speak, we can’t feel juicy-goosey downstairs. Men are just so lazy if they make a phone call to the girl, the girl is going to respond and be like, ‘He called me. He’s a gem!'”

If You Just Got out of A Relationship, Should You Date Again When You Meet Someone?
“If he hasn’t done anything negative, you should date him,” Patti suggests. “Because good men are hard to find. The first one might be like the tricycle: you were trying a guy on, you were feeling him out, and he wasnt the right person but he prepared you for the right one. Sometimes they come right away, sometimes it takes five years. Be nice to this one if he’s nice to you [though].”

How Soon Is Too Soon to Invite Your Significant Other Home for the Holidays?
“I think like three to four months. I think you know at three months where your head is. if you keep bringing people home to your parents theyre going to drive you crazy, so make sure it’s a good one you see a future with.”

Patti’s Rule If You’re Dating Long Distance:
“Every three weeks you have to see each other or you’ll lose the connection.”

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