Adam Lambert to Rock With Queen Again in 2014


Adam Lambert will rock us once again!

After joining Queen for shows over the past few years, including this past September at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, the “If I Had You” singer will be working with the legendary band again in 2014, says drummer Roger Taylor.

In a new interview with Canoe, Roger praised Adam’s talents and revealed he will once again be rocking with Queen.

“It was a one-off but it went really fantastically well. He’s really come on even more. He’s a real dark force now. And he’s very theatrical. And he really interprets our songs just brilliantly. And he has that incredible instrument, that voice and I feel he’s going away from the pop thing which is good I think. And he’s becoming a serious player. He’s got a voice which is pretty unbeatable. I do think we will be working with Adam next year, yeah.”