Ashley Tisdale Talks Fiancé Chris Being ‘The One,’ New Single


Ashley Tisdale phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her fiancé Christopher French and her newly-released single “You’re Always Here.”

Ashley, who got engaged to Chris after dating a brief eight months, admitted she was surprised it happened so quickly.

“You know, I didn’t [think it’d happen that quickly],” she explains. “I think I’ve obviously been in long relationships in the past, but I think because of knowing what I wanted, I wouldn’t have gone into a relationship, if it wasn’t what I wanted. And I think from the moment that him and I met, I just knew it. I was like. ‘Okay, this is the guy.’ And he knew the same thing. It was just this feeling that it doesn’t get any better. I can’t explain it!”

The singer and producer goes on to gush: “It’s just natural between us. With other relationships, you’re trying too much and trying to make it work and then there’s just a moment when you find somebody and you’re like, ‘Holy s**t! This is so natural.'”

However, despite being a natural fit, the 28-year-old admits she wasn’t looking when she found Chris. “I had no idea and I did not think that would happen and I was just so focused on other things and then suddenly it just kind of hits you.”

And now with a ring on her finger, which she’s dubbed her “favorite accessory,” Ashley is busy planning her upcoming nuptials. Although she has yet to secure a date, she admits planning is truly the “fun part.” So will the former Disney star have a big wedding?

“[We want to make it] as small and as private as we can get it,” she tells us.

And aside from busying herself with wedding plans, Ashley’s also been working in the studio. The actress just released a new track, “You’re Always Here,” which is dedicated to her grandfather.



“With all the amazing stuff that’s happened this year, some moments haven’t been so amazing. I lost my grandfather exactly three months ago and it’s always hard to lose someone,” Ashley tells us. After his passing, “I was inspired to start writing and it was helping me heal and I would go on walks and come home and have written stuff and Chris, who produces music, sat down and produced and we wrote this song together and that’s the song for my grandfather.”

To hear the touching yet upbeat song, click here to download “You’re Always Here” on iTunes now … 30% of the proceeds also go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.