Forget Tomorrow Wins Favorite Cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’


Eighteen cover artists made their own rendition of Bruno Mars’ Treasure  but only one could win…Congratulations Forget Tomorrow!

Forget Tomorrow’s rock screamo version of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” was a popular choice amongst voters.

Although this band is walking away as the winners, they had some tough competition. Anisa took second place with her soulful piano cover while Tanner Howe took third place with his fun pop style cover of “Treasure.”

Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations toForget Tomorrow … Check out the top three winner’s videos below!



1st Place:

Forget Tomorrow

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2nd Place: 


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3rd Place:

Tanner Howe

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4.Pocholo Valderrama

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5. Shamina

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6. Stef DM

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7. Mackenzie Johnson

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8. Corey Gray

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9. Alexi Blue

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10. Yuuwii & Weiwen

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11. Jacob Whitesides

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12. Ericka Guitron

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13. Albert Posis

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Mark Mejia


14.  Francis De Guia

15. Tom Law

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16. Amber Blu

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17. Parlaphone

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18. Nathan Hermida

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