Miley Cyrus’ Family Launches YouTube Channel ‘Seriously Cyrus’


It’s the Cyrus takeover, y’all.

If you’re wondering what Miley Cyrus‘ family is up to, look no further because eldest sister Brandi, 26, announced their brand new YouTube channel, Seriously Cyrus, on Saturday.

The welcome video reveals that the Cyrus clan plans to release weekly segments from momager Tish, titled, Truly Tish, and Sunday Session with patriarch, Billy Ray.

The web series will also feature remakes of classic movies by 13-year-old sister Noah called, Take Two, and Brandi will host her piece, Seriously Social, which highlights the family’s social media activity.

Miley’s involvement in the webisodes is unclear, but fans can find out by following Seriously Cyrus on Twitter and subscribing to their channel.