Fate Under Fire Wins Favorite Cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’


More than 30 artists competed for the title of our favorite cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar,” but only one could win.

Fate Under Fire took the top honor with their pop alternative version of Katy’s hit single off Prism.

Though this band has been crowned the champion, they had some tough competition. Carter Matthews won us over with his pop-solo cover, while Chris Commisso was all about the harmonies and Anthem Lights soft vocals stole our hearts.

Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to Fate Under Fire … Check out the winner’s and the rest of the contestant’s videos below!

1st Place:

Fate Under Fire

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2nd Place:

Carter Matthews

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3rd Place:

Chris Commisso

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4. Anthem Lights

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5. Before You Exit

 [Facebook Twitter]

Connor @ConnorMcDonough 

Riley @RileyMcDonough

Toby @TobyMcDonough

6. Aaron Encinas

[Facebook / Twitter]

7. Crystalyne

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Marissa  @marissaemma

Josh @joshgiven


Justin  @justinniece  

8. Royal Tailor

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9. Bea Miller

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10. Andrew Allen

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11. Daniel de Bourg

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12. Liz Loughrey

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13. TJ Smith

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Lainey Lipson

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14. Scott Hoying

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Tori Kelly

 [Twitter / Instagram]

15. Annika Rose

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16. Alex Goot

 [Facebook Twitter]

17. Clara Bond


18. Jackie Castro

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Jason Castro

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Michael Castro

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19. Rochelle Diamante

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20. Vanquish

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21. Karlijn Verhagen

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Mike Attinger

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22. Tanner Patrick

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23. Dot SE

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Johan @johanhammenfors 

Simon @SimonSamaeng


Adam @adam_dotse

24. Etham Basden

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25. AJ Silva

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26. Dodie Clark


27. Bailee Moore

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28. Brandon Skeie

[Instagram  / Twitter ]

Danny Padilla

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29. DUKE

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30. Roxanne Emery

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31.  Matt Mulholland

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