Katy Perry: John Mayer Came up With ‘Who You Love’ Video Concept


Could John Mayer and Katy Perry be any cuter?

The music video for John’s new song “Who You Love” featuring Katy was released on Good Morning America this morning and they couldn’t be cuter.

John had the song essentially written before he showed it to Katy and she fell in love with the song’s message and hopes her fans will take it to heart.

Katy tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “It was John’s idea initially, he had most of the song already done. I kind of just tailored my verse so it could come from my perspective. He showed me the song awhile before we got in the studio and I just thought it was so beautiful, the melody [and] the message of the song is so important.”

The “Roar” singer explains: “It kind of talks about how if the feeling of love is always on you about one person, you should go for it. Life is too short! If you’re dreaming about that person, if you’re thinking about them while you’re awake, Try! Go! And I hope you love the music video that just came out … it’s beautiful.”

Katy also revealed John came up with the idea for the video himself, after having an “Ah ha!” moment and it turned out exactly as he envisioned.

Too cute!

Download John’s track “Who You Love” feat. Katy Perry on iTunes here!