‘Shahs of Sunset’: Reza Apologizes to Sasha … But What About Mike?


Last week on Shahs of Sunset, GG and MJ fought so bitterly, MJ actually exclaimed, “Our friendship is over” … but has time healed their wounds?

Not exactly, but tai chi helped. After GG and Asa practice the martial art in a local park, she admits that she “exploded” on MJ after bottling up her feelings towards her friend. “If you come at someone like that, they don’t hear your words,” Asa tells GG.

Another Shah who is working on forgiveness is Reza, who meets with Sasha to clear the air after their argument a few weeks ago at a Persian nightclub. Not only does Reza apologize for his actions, he explains what motivated his anger towards Sasha. “I really appreciate you meeting me today,” he says before ending their get-together with a hug.

Meanwhile, Mike is on the hunt for an engagement ring for Jessica … and it seems money is no object. The first ring he looks at costs $340,000, but he then lowers his budget to around $35,000. In the end, he decides to grow his business a bit more so he can afford the best ring for Jessica.



But the future doesn’t look good for his real estate partnership with Reza. In fact, Reza doesn’t invite Mike (or GG or Lilly) to his housewarming party. But Mike is hardly sitting home alone. Instead, he goes to a friend’s house to play poker in the hopes of making some money.

At the dinner party, MJ and Asa implore Reza to make things right with Mike, although he has reservations. “I only want to move forward with the relationships in my life that are positive,” he says.

The Shahs of Sunset is taking a little hiatus for the holidays, but will return to Bravo on Tuesday, January 7 at 9 p.m.