Scooter Braun Confirms He Wants Justin Bieber to Take Break Next Year


Justin Bieber‘s manager Scooter Braun and mentor Usher caught up with On Air with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday morning.

Scooter stopped by the studio, while Usher phoned in, to talk about everything from Justin’s upcoming documentary flick Justin Bieber’s Believe and how Scooter wants Justin to take next year off.

What Do You Capture in This Movie That Tells More of the Story of Who Justin Is?
Scooter: “We made the first movie, Never Say Never, and it was really successful and we told the story of a kid who came from nothing and had a dream and lived that dream. And, we decided with this movie we did independently and we thought we’ll just show the concert and the experience and we’re not really going to make it into a big movie. And then over the last nine months, Justin got into trouble sometimes and we started seeing this thing going on of just the press over and over again got into a place where they could get away with anything and there’s a point where you just can’t respond to every single rumor, so we just had to let it go. I could sit there and address every single one but it was ridiculous so we decided with this movie we are going to address it all at once and our director Jon Chu sat down with Justin for a three-hour interview and asked him really hard questions … and we decided instead of running away from the issue, we are just going to go after it head-on. We made a family movie that if the last one represented hope, this one is how do you respond to adversity? How do you respond to getting knocked down?”

Did Justin Reach out for Advice During These Troubled Times?
Usher: “I think overall, this isn’t business. This is family. So were supportive in any and every way that we can. There were conversations throughout the process, but I aways told him, ‘If this is what you want, there’s a price to pay.’ Imagine if you had a camera following you around when you’re Justin’s age, would you be proud of everything that they see? No. So this is at times, some things that just a teenager would experience and go through and this has all been a coming of age experience not only for him in his maturity, but also as an artist.”

Is He Better off Single Or With a Girlfriend?
Usher: “That’s something he would have to answer.”

Scooter: “I think it’s something he should answer, but for the future I think we’ve all been there, it depends on the girl … The other day he looked at me, we were on tour, and he said, ‘I just don’t trust people.’ And when I first met him, he was this really trusting kid who was wide-eyed and believed in everything and the whole world. And I think over the last couple of years, he says, there’s very few people in the world that he can trust. He says it’s hard for him to even make friends because ‘I don’t know people’s agenda, I meet a girl and I don’t know her agenda’ …. And I think he’s figuring that out. As Usher pointed out, he’s 19. He’s figuring out who he is as a man. If there was a camera on me at 19, I would have been a lot worse.”

Did You Think Justin Would Become the Phenomenon He’s Become? 
Usher: “I’ve always had high hopes from the moment I saw and really  made the connection with Justin and I promised Scooter this is something that not only I think will be important for our careers, but it will be important for music – I felt like his voice and what he represented. And I wanted and needed to be a part of it.”

What Stood Out to You When You First Met Justin?
Scooter: “It was strange. I had said to a buddy of mine in the music industry two weeks before I found Justin that this was missing, something like a kid with an angelic voice singing great love songs … and from the moment I saw Justin I actually knew he would get to here… Now it’s kind of like parenting … now it’s on him. He needs to decide where he goes from here. He has all the tools and his talent won’t betray him and that’s … what we really do [with the movie is] give insight to a life no one can really understand.”

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Where Does Justin Think the Next Chapter Is?
Scooter: “He said, ‘Losing my childhood. Losing the time I have with my family and my friends is not worth it unless I give you the best I can be.’ He wants to go for it because what he’s given up already, he can’t justify losing all that unless he gets to the top. And that’s why he works as hard as hard as he does … I’m telling him after this movie, I want him to take next year off and just take a break and he can still live in the studio and work on the next album, which is what he wants to do, but I just want him to take some time to himself, so he can have that time alone cause he’s been working since he was 12-years-old.”

Will Justin Ever Get Married?
Scooter: “He really does want to get married and have kids. That’s actually the ultimate goal. When we talk, he goes, ‘I really ultimately just want to have a family and be happy.'”

Catch Justin Bieber’s Believe when it hits theaters Christmas Day, December 25.