TeraBrite Wins Favorite Cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’


After seven rounds and a total of 17 cover artists participating  for the title of our favorite cover of Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” the winner has been chosen!

TeraBrite‘s fun, punk-pop version captured the attention of voters making their “Applause” cover the favorite.

Though their version of the ARTPOP single took the spotlight, they had some tough competition. Craig Yopps electric voice and Red‘s instrumental-filled version had us jamming out.

Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to TeraBrite … Check out the winner’s and the rest of the contestant’s videos below:



1st Place:


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2nd Place:

Craig Yopp

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3rd Place:


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4. X-Y

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5. Bria & Chrissy

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6. Karen McCormick

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7. Angel At My Table

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8. Chloe & Halle



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10. Mike Attinger/Who Is Oliver

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11. Daniel J


12. Blessing A Curse


13. Scotty Dynamo

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14. Double Take


15. Daniel Ferri

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16. Junik

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17. Paparakid

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