Who Had the Most-Searched Girlfriend on Yahoo! in 2013?


Being a celebrity’s girlfriend comes with its perks and its downsides, including getting weird messages from fans and being overly-searched on the Internet.

So who was the most popular girlfriend to search for in 2013?

Yahoo! sent over their list for the top searched girlfriends of 2013 and we’re not going to lie, we probably looked up a good amount of these ladies.

Golfer Adam Scott‘s girlfriend secured the list at the No. 1 spot, with Prince Harry and the search for Tim Tebow‘s significant other rounding out the top three.

Other hotties, like Adam Levine‘s girlfriend and now fiancée weren’t left off either.

Check out the complete list below!

Top-Searched Girlfriends on Yahoo! in 2013:
1. Adam Scott girlfriend
2. Prince Harry girlfriend
3. Tim Tebow girlfriend
4. Tiger Woods girlfriend
5. Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend
6. AJ McCarron girlfriend
7. Adam Levine girlfriend
8. Colin Kaepernick girlfriend
9. Johnny Manziel girlfriend
10. Zayn Malik girlfriend