‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Is It the End for Mike and Reza?


After a two-week break over the holiday season, the Shahs of Sunset are back, and crazier than ever!

Tuesday night’s episode began with Reza and MJ at a computer repair store … because she filmed some X-rated home videos and now she somehow cannot find any of them on her laptop.

While Reza is bonding with one friend, another is plotting to distance himself from his old pal. Mike goes to visit his friends, Big Baller #1 and Big Baller #2, about working with them and making “some real money,” instead of doing real estate with Reza.

All the drama bubbling between everyone — Mike and Reza, as well as MJ and GG … and GG and her sister Leila … and Lilly and MJ, etc. — comes to a head at Asa’s party for her Diamond Water.

It didn’t help things that Mike had been drinking beforehand, and then immediately ordered a vodka. “Reza, you’re my bi**h,” he yelled as Reza walked by … and things only escalated from there. “Shut up, you’re acting like a fool,” Mike’s girlfriend, Jessica, warned him. But of course, there was no stopping him.

After Mike tried to shove a burger platter in Reza’s face, Reza took the mic from the DJ to tell everyone to flip Mike the bird if they see him … and to blast Mike for wearing “old” Gucci shoes. “If I had your low self-esteem, I’d clown on other people too,” Mike tells Reza.

Once the two sit down to hash things out, it only gets worse. “You’re a back-stabber, you’re a traitor,” Mike tells Reza. “You’re not a true friend.” Reza’s side is that Mike took Sasha’s side after Reza yelled at him at a nightclub a few weeks earlier. “I’m your friend, he’s a stranger!” yells Reza.

After a few more nasty words, Reza gets up and walks away. But as Mike leaves the party, Reza tells him, “I’ll never speak to you as long as you live!”

But does he mean it? Tune in to The Shahs of Sunset every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.