Tyler Posey Talks New Love Interest Kira on MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’


Last week’s winter premiere of Teen Wolf marked the most watched telecast in the series’ history, with the episode drawing in a record 2.5 million total viewers.

And along with a darker, more creepy season ahead of us, we also were introduced to a new character, Kira.

Sparks flew between Scott, played by Tyler Posey, and Kira, who is played by Arden Cho, causing fans to wonder will we see a romance blossom between the two?

According to Tyler, we most definitly will.

Tyler shares with On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “Scott is kind of connected to her because she’s like this outcast new kid and that’s what Scott was the first season.”

Laughing: “And she sits behind him in class which is kind of Scott’s thing because Allison sat behind him in class the first time they met.”

Speaking of Allison, Tyler told us as well don’t expect a love triangle to develop this season as she and Scott have kind of moved on.

Catch Teen Wolf on MTV tonight at 10/9c.