‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: All Bets Are off at the Racetrack


Mike is still reeling from his outburst at Reza last week … if only he could remember it.

This week’s Shahs of Sunset begins with him trying to piece together his drunken antics at Asa’s Diamond Water party, with the help of his girlfriend Jessica. “You and Reza were in each other’s faces arguing and then all of a sudden, you’re crying,” she tells Mike.

While Mike and Reza are still fighting, GG and MJ are working towards reconciliation, at the urging of Asa before they all head to Turkey together.

MJ then sets her sights on fixing Mike and Reza by inviting them both to a day at the racetrack, while Asa tries to talk to Reza after taking him to yoga.

When the crew meet to head to the racetrack, “Mike shows up with a bottle of Cristal in his hand and he’s sober, so I think we’re off to a good start,” jokes Reza. After they pop open the bottle, the conversation between Mike and Reza starts flowing.

“I realize what I did wrong,” says Mike. “It’s toxic to have hatred in your heart and anger in your mind.”

“Hatred?” asks Reza. “I didn’t know it was that extreme.” Clarified Mike, “I hated what you did, homey, not you.”

Despite a champagne-fueled argument between MJ and Mike over a chocolate croissant, everyone put aside their differences once they arrived at the racetrack. “Now that we’re past the tension a bit, it’s just really nice to be with my friend again,” says Reza.

The two then separate from the group to talk one-on-one … and eventually end it all with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The same cannot be said for MJ and GG, who once again get into an argument that causes GG to knock MJ’s hat off her head until Mike pulls her away. “I will never talk to you again!” screams MJ as she waves her finger in GG’s face. Her reaction? “Thank your mother and father for creating such a specimen!”

Will the two patch things up before everyone heads to Turkey? Catch The Shahs of Sunset every Tuesday on Bravo at 9/8c.