13 Reasons Why This Season’s ‘American Idol’ Will Be the Best


American Idol Season 13 is finally here! Don’t miss the two-night premiere, which kicks off tonight at 8/7c in Boston and Austin, and the Ryan Seacrest-hosted show will continue again tomorrow night, Thursday, January 16 at the same time on FOX.

Join the all-star panel — Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and newcomer Harry Connick Jr. — on the first leg of their journey across the country in search of the next singing superstar.

To get you pumped for the season, here are 13 reasons why this season of American Idol could very well be the best one yet:


1. Jennifer Lopez will be the one to keep the boys in line

… while being cute and giving contestants “hearts”

2. Idol newcomer Harry Connick Jr. is pretty hilarious

3. Keith Urban, baby.

4. And with their talents combined, they have amazing chemistry

… and they may turn this season into a musical

(Okay, not really.)

5. The judges have a new (and very odd) way of saying “yes” this season

6. Grab a tissue, because there will be more inspirational stories this season that will tug your heartstrings

7. There will be fresh, new faces who will “bring it”

8. Expect more covers of your favorite songs that will leave you speechless

9. But of course, for every great cover, there will be something like this:

The not-so-great auditions are just as entertaining, let’s be honest.

10. And more covers of the “Star-Spangled Banner”

They don’t call it American Idol for no reason!

11. Your favorite artists will (probably) make cameos as a mentor or guest performer, just like in seasons past

12. And more collaborations from your favorite Idol contestants and Top 40 artists like these:

13. Last but not least, this is the show that produced Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, and many, many more

So get ready to watch your favorite contestant grow into a singing superstar … the stats don’t lie!

In the words of Ryan Seacrest, “This, is, American Idol.” Make sure to tune in tonight and use the hashtag #Idol.