12 Best Auditions from ‘American Idol’ Premiere: Videos


The 13th season of American Idol kicked off on Wednesday night … and on a super high note!

Tons of talented singers were given golden tickets to Hollywood Week during auditions in Boston and Austin, and more will be discovered during Thursday night’s episode (beginning at 8 p.m. on FOX), which continues in Austin before heading to San Francisco.

Who was your favorite?


Austin Percario, 17

Malcolm Allen, 21

Kaitlyn Jackson, 15

Munfarid Zaidi, 19

Sam Woolf, 17

Stephanie Petronelli, 22

Savion Wright, 21

Marrialle Sellars, 17

Ethan Thompson, 23, Lindsey Pedicone, 18, and Jillian Jensen, 20

Stephanie Hanvey, 16